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Renata Amatore

I have more than ten years of experience.
Currently working as a Lead UX at a global IT consultancy. I worked as a consultant and teacher. Let me help you gain skills and boost your career!

Krisztina Szerovay
Mentor & Mentee

I'm a UX designer and online teacher. I teach sketching for UX designers on Udemy, and I also work as a freelancer. Founder of UX Knowledge Base Sketches ( https://uxknowledgebase.com/ )

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Please make sure to fill out your Profile* as best you can. MentorOla works better when Mentors and Mentees know more about the person they’ll (hopefully) be building a relationship with.

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Firstly. Before we begin. A massive “Thank You” for offering your Free services as a Mentor. You are a ‘rare breed’ that likes to give something back to the community. You rock, with sprinkles on!

Ok. As a Mentor you’re expected to be as helpful as you can be, and help out with Mentee advice when you can. The more time you can give, the better the community can become.

Be polite, and pat yourself on the back for helping out with upcoming talent. We were there once right?

Now, I know we can all be busy, busy bees (or even go on vacation from time to time), but try not to keep Mentees hanging around for too long with responses. If you’re going to be a Mentor, please try and give it your all.

We have some great ‘Mentor’ incentives coming soon!

Be polite. Ask the right questions. Go find the perfect Mentor. Simple really!

Please remember to be patient from time, to time. You will find that these awesome Mentor folks have those pesky ‘day job’ things, so will not always be able to reply in record time, but you knew that already?

This is an amazing platform to (easier than ever) connect and gain some real help and advice from qualified Mentors so please treat it well.

The best of luck!

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The users you may come across with the ‘Mentor & Mentee’ badges were early adopters of MentorOla, and so as a ‘Thank You’ to them they were awarded the role of both Mentor & Mentee.

Going forward, and to keep things a little more organised (Hey. I’m just one guy running MentorOla), you can either decide to be a Mentor or Mentee, not both. To take on both roles you would need to Register for each role separately.